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ADI South Africa Expo!

ADI Global Distribution's first Expo in South Africa, at the Indaba Hotel. Thirty-five of the company’s suppliers took part in the event, which was aimed at giving direct vendor access to ADI’s customers, their large corporate clients and consulting engineers.

“The Expo created the perfect opportunity for our customers, clients and the engineers we work closely with to view new and existing technology solutions that we distribute in southern Africa,” says local ADI managing director Philip Cowles. “The Expo also gave ADI the chance to reiterate ‘Brand Awareness’ for the suppliers, the products and ourselves.”

The format of the exhibition allowed for a wide range of vendors to be on show at the same time, letting the visitors utilise the two days to maximise knowledge and get a wide view of some of the security industry’s key manufacturers and trends.

“Worldwide, the Expos are run to a global ADI format, which gives the vendors a chance to speak to our customers and understand customer requirements on a global basis as many different regions and countries have different requirements,” Cowles adds.

“It is also important for our customers to see that we continually offer a wide range of products in different categories; that we also look for new manufacturers to represent for our customers’ business needs as the market changes or new products become available.

“From the manufacturers’ perspective, they get to interact with a good portion of our customers at events such as this, and to understand the needs of our customers. “Those that exhibited at the Expo feel that the cost of the trip has been justified in terms of a return on time and investment. In addition, our customers feel that we have added value to their business through the expo..

“We have had a great response from our manufacturers with respect to both the quality of the customer interaction and the ROI. In fact, most of the vendors have asked to be invited to any other South African expo that we might have during the year and also to this particular one, which will be held again on 22nd and 23rd April 2008 at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg.”


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