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More Reliable Outdoor PIR!

The MS-12FE Takex Dual Zone Outdoor PIR is a more reliable outdoor PIR by reducing false alarms with its' DUAL ZONE system.

The sensor is equiped with a DUAL ZONE system which initiates an alarm only when detection occurs in both horizontal and downward zones simultaneously. No alarm signal is given if only one zone is activated by small animals, vehicles etc.

Takex MS-12FE PIR

Detection System: Passive infrared
Detection Area: (2 sets of) Horizontal Detection: 90 degrees per head (full cover), Detection Distance: 40 degrees (12m), Horizontal Zone: 7 zones, Downward Zone: 7 zones
Detection Adjustment: Horizontal +-90 degrees, Detection distance 10 - 14 degrees (3-12m)
Supply Voltage: 12V to 30VDC (non polarity)
Alarm Out: Dry contact relay output N.C./N.O. selectable
Detection Settings: Daylight: Night (10 lux): Day and Night

For more information about this product, please call tel. 0860 22 55 23.

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