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WallSecure™, FenceSecure™ & CageSecure™

SA1000 perimeter intrusion detection systems use Vibewire™ piezoelectric acoustic sensor cable to detect the noises and vibrations that occur during an intrusion attempt. Vibewire™ piezoelectric sensor cable is applied to the fabric or structure being protected. Audible signals and vibrations generated during an attack are picked up by the Vibewire™ sensor cable and converted into electrical signals which are monitored by the SA1000 Analyser.


How FenceSecure™ works

The analyser FenceSecure™ SA1000 PIDS system mounted on anti-intruder fence has been evaluated by CPNI and is “Approved for UK Government Use, for details contact CPNI”.

We offer full manufacturers product support including, site surveys, system design and specification.

Installation training and commissioning service.

The FenceSecure™ SA1000 system can be designed and installed to be fully controlled and monitored on its own “SecureBus™” network for remote monitoring and control of the FenceSecure™ PIDS system zones or is easily interfaced directly with most “Industry Standard” Security Management Systems.

FenceSecure™ SA1000 dual zone analysers are available with built in Honeywell, Inner Range or Siemens I.O. nodes to allow the FenceSecure™ systems to seamlessly interface with these security management systems for total control, monitoring and testing of the FenceSecure™ PIDS zones.

The remote monitoring and features provided using these third party security monitoring and control systems include: - • Monitoring of each zone alarm status • Arming of each zone • Vibewire™ – Tamper monitoring of Vibewire™ sensor cable - Vibewire™ is available in various lengths from 25 metre to 300 metres • Analyser and accessory housing tampers • Full function remote testing of each detection zone • Monitoring of power supplies and cable management • Remote listen in facility to each detection zone

How WallSecure™ works VibeWire™ piezoelectric sensor cable is applied to the fabric or structure being protected. This is generally done by installing the VibeWire™ sensor cable in a conduit which is securely fixed to the wall, roof or floor being protected. The detection range of the VibeWire™ sensor cable will pick up audible signals and vibrations generated during an attack or attempt to penetrate the protected barrier/wall. The noises and vibrations are transmitted to the seismic analyser for analysis and detection. The seismic analyser detection channels are programmed to identify the signals created by noises and vibrations during intrusion and attempts to penetrate the protected surface. Unlike other forms of intrusion detection WallSecure™ detection systems cannot be blocked and continually monitor the fabric they are fixed to against attempts to penetrate the walls, roof or ceiling of the secured area(s).

WallSecure™ systems are therefore ideal for the protection of bonded warehouses, strong rooms, explosives stores, etc or any building or structure in which high value or hazardous materials are being stored.

The perfect combination of wired and wireless devices

Fully integrated with all Visonic’s wireless devices (434/868 MHz)

Intuitive programming with walk-through menus

False alarms prevention

Arming with keypad, keyfob, proximity card, remotely via phone or LAN


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