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ADI Training Academy

ADI has a wide range of training courses on new products and technologies. Increase your knowledge, uncover new opportunities and keep up to date with the very latest technology! For all training requirements contact our offices on

+27 (11) 574 2500 or email


What makes ADI stand a cut above the rest is our Accredited Training facilities which covers all our major brands. Our introductory courses regularly attract the interest of delegates, and when you combine world class proven solutions with your delegates, you'll have access to a robust set of resources, an array of interactive, integrated products and a full ecosystem of support and services.


Home Security

WallSecure™, FenceSecure™ & CageSecure™

SA1000 perimeter intrusion detection systems use Vibewire™ piezoelectric acoustic sensor cable to detect the noises and vibrations that occur during an intrusion attempt. Vibewire™ piezoelectric sensor cable is applied to the fabric or structure being protected. Audible signals and vibrations generated during an attack are picked up by the Vibewire™ sensor cable and converted into electrical signals which are monitored by the SA1000 Analyser. more »

ADI Customer Call Center

ADI Global Distribution S.A. launched their first Customer Call Center.

Please call the call center for information on the latest training dates and any other technical queries. more »

Training Schedule

ADI is committed to providing a delivery service which is fast, reliable and accurate. The foundations of any effective distribution system are stock availability and speed of delivery. We aim to respond to our customer’s needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All training schedules can be obtained from our offices by emailing: or +27 (0) 11 574 2500

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